AECL International Standard Problem ISP-41: Follow-up Exercise (Phase II): Iodine Code Comparison Exercise Against CAIMAN and RTF Experiments

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The main objective of ISP exercises is to increase confidence in the validity and accuracy of the tools that are used in assessing the safety of nuclear installations. The secondary objective is to enable code users to gain experience and demonstrate their competence. The ISP 41 exercise on iodine codes has required three steps to achieve these objectives. These are:

  1. ISP 41: Computer code exercise based on a simple radioiodine test facility (RTF) experiment
  2. ISP 41 Follow-up Step 1: Parametric calculations
  3. ISP 41 Follow-up Step 2: Computer code exercise based on complex experiments performed at the RTF and Caiman facilities

The present document contains the results of the third step, ISP 41 Follow-up Step 2.