CNRA Working Group on Inspection Practices (WGIP)Regulatory Inspection practices to bring about compliance - Report on a WGIP questionnaire

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This report completes a study that was endorsed by CNRA following discussion on the issue. It is intended to be a basis for a new section in the next revision of the “Status Report on Regulatory Inspection Philosophy, Inspection Organisation and Inspection Practices”. The original proposal from CNRA was to consider and compare the enforcement practices in participating countries. In discussions in WGIP it was agreed that the intention had been to investigate all practices that bring about compliance, not only formally penalising non-compliance. The revised title of the study reflects this. Therefore, to aid discussion and ensure that the study remains broadly based, the questionnaire dealt with all practices bringing about compliance with legal provisions by giving advice or applying such penalties, consent, compulsion or prohibition as are established by law.

It was also anticipated that the study should enable WGIP to identify possible themes for further discussion within WGIP in order to identify commendable inspection practices used to bring about compliance.