An International Peer Review of the "Dossier 2005 Argile" Concerning Disposal in the Callovo-Oxfordian Formation

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It was the wish of the French Government that the NEA organise an international peer review of the Dossier 2005 Argile produced by the French National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management (Andra). The scope and objectives of the review were laid out in the Terms of Reference (ToR). The peer review was meant to inform the French government if the Dossier 2005 Argile is (i) consistent with international practices and with other national disposal programmes, in particular the ones considering argillaceous formations, and (ii) whether the future research needs are consistent with the available knowledge basis and if priorities are well identified. The French Authorities were particularly interested in the provision of detailed recommendations for specific improvements which could be brought in to that effect, notably  if the decision-making process leads to a site selection phase. This report presents the consensus view of the international review team (IRT). It is based on the Dossier 2005 Argile and supporting documents, on information exchanged with Andra in answers to questions raised by the IRT, and on direct interactions with staff from Andra during two working seminars in France.