Joint CSNI/CNRA Report on Regulatory Uses of Safety Performance Indicators

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In 1998, the NEA Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA) began an activity, the objective of which was to advance the discussion on how to enhance and measure regulatory effectiveness in relation to nuclear installations. One of the outcomes of this activity has been establishing two task groups: a CNRA Task Group on Regulatory Effectiveness (TGRE) and the Joint CNRA / CSNI (Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations) Task Group of Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs). The latter had previously existed under the CSNI with some different goals for a common indicator system.

This report discusses the work and findings of the Joint CSNI/CNRA Task Group. It takes into account a number of previous, related studies by CNRA, CSNI and the activities of international bodies WANO, IAEA and EU (European Union).