Proceedings of the 8th International Nuclear Regulatory Inspection Workshop on How International Nuclear Regulatory Inspections Can Promote, Or Not Promote, Good Safety Culture, Inspection of Interactions Between the Licensee and its Contractors and Future Challenges for Inspectors (e.g. new techniques, developing competence, etc.) held on 1 3 May, 2006 in Toronto, Canada

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The NEA Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA) believes that an essential factor in ensuring the safety of nuclear installations is the continuing exchange and analysis of technical information and data. To facilitate this exchange the Committee has established Working Groups and Groups of Experts in specialised topics. The Working Group on Inspection Practices (WGIP) was formed in 1990 with the mandate  "... to concentrate on the conduct of inspections and how the effectiveness of inspections could be evaluated..."

These proceedings cover the 8TH International Workshop held by WGIP on regulatory inspection activities.

The focus of this workshop was regulatory inspection activities in 3 main areas:

  • How regulatory inspections can promote, or not promote, good safety culture,
  • Inspection of interactions between the licensee and its contractors, and
  • Future challenges for inspectors (e.g., new techniques, developing competence, etc.).