Differences in Approach Between Nuclear and Conventional Seismic Standards with Regard to Hazard Definition

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At the Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) meeting in June 2003, a proposal of the CSNI Working Group on the Integrity and Ageing (WGIAGE) to examine the differences in approach between nuclear and conventional seismic standards with regard to hazards definition was approved. There is a perception, mainly in some of the European countries that nuclear seismic hazards and design standards may be lagging behind developments in similar standards for conventional facilities. Adequate answers to this perception requires the examination of the following aspects and their significance on the seismic assessment of structures and components:

  • The safety philosophy behind the seismic nuclear and conventional standards.
  • The differences in approach regarding the seismic hazard definition.
  • The differences in approach regarding the design and the methods of analysis.

These topics are examined in this report. Descriptions of the conventional and the nuclear approaches in NEA member countries were collected and included as appendices to this report.