Current Status of the National Operating Experience Feedback Programs

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In order to capture the current situation, members of the WGOE IOEF Task Group provided short narratives outlining their national OEF practices. The IOEF Report notes that, in order to get a comprehensive picture, these descriptions would have to be supplemented by those from other member countries. To facilitate further benchmarking of national OEF practices, WGOE developed a template for reporting, based on IAEA NS-G-2.11, in which all member countries were requested to provide their national information.

The result is this report, which provides descriptions of the different regulatory operating experience feedback programmes in the OECD member countries and non-Member countries as of 31 December 2008. While the compilation is not complete, it provides insights into the how data is collected, screened and used within these countries. It is important to note that the information contained in this report represents current practices in these countries as of 31st December 2008; there may be changes, for example, due to re-organisations, advancements, etc., which will be captured periodically on the OECD Web version of this report.