Initiative on Long-Term Preservation of Information and Memory Under the Aegis of the RWMC: Vision Document and Questionnaire

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At its 2009 meeting, RWMC members were very positive on starting an initiative on long-term preservation of information and memory. The topic is broad and should be addressed in well-defined packages. A topical session is being organised under Item 22 of the RWMC-43 agenda. This document supports the topical session. It is a vision document on how a dedicated project could be set up and started around the topic of an “action plan for long-term information and memory preservation in the field of geological disposal”. It also reproduces the questionnaire sent to all members of the RWMC on this topic. The RWMC members are invited to respond to the questionnaire to comment on the proposed next steps. The Bureau is also asking colleagues for a declaration of interest in participating in a steering group to guide this project.