Summarized Responses to Retrievability and Reversibility (R&R) Questionnaire Issued NEA Member Countries in May 2008

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The second phase of the RWMC Reversibility and Retrievability project was a data gathering phase, through use of a questionnaire to elicit information on the current status of disposal programmes in member countries with respect to the role(s) of reversibility and retrievability in those programmes. The questionnaire was issued to NEA member countries in May 2008. A working group was convened and a meeting was held in Toronto, Canada in October 2008 at which the responses were analyzed. The responses to the questionnaire were found to be very helpful in illustrating areas of general agreement, areas where there are significant differences, and areas where further discussion and investigation could be useful among countries. The working group has held a number of subsequent meetings at which various topics arising from this analysis have been discussed and developed.