The NEA Co-operative Programme on Decommissioning: Twenty-Five Years of Progress; The Last Five Years – 2006 Through 2010

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The NEA Co-operative Programme for the Exchange of Scientific and Technical Information Concerning Nuclear Installation Decommissioning Projects (CPD) is a joint undertaking among member country organisations actively executing or planning the decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Initiated in 1985, the CPD recently completed 25 years of operation.

The objective of the CPD is to acquire information from operational experience in conducting specific decommissioning projects that is useful for future projects. Its working method is based on the exchange of knowledge currently drawn from 59 specific decommissioning projects. Such information includes, but is not limited to, project descriptions and plans; data obtained from research and development associated with decommissioning projects; data and lessons learnt resulting from the execution of a decommissioning project.