ISP-49 on Hydrogen Combustion

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The main goal of the ISP-49 on Hydrogen Combustion is to identify the contemporary level of the numerical tools in the area of hydrogen combustion simulation under the conditions typical for safety considerations for nuclear power plants (NPPs). This activity is intended to rank the existing models, identify knowledge gaps of the current expertise, and to lead to significant improvements of the quality and adequacy of the numerical prediction, thus facilitating accident management procedures.

The experiments selected for the simulation were performed in two facilities, the German THAI and the French ENACCEF, and are characterised by completely different geometrical and initial mixture composition conditions and hence completely different deflagration features.

The considered experiments together with the results of the numerical and methodical analyses provide a solid basis for code validation and code assessment of combustion phenomena. The experiences gained during the international standard problem (ISP) simulations have brought valuable information on the numerical model behaviour and permitted intensive model expansions and improvements.