OECD/NEA Behaviour of Iodine Project: Final Summary Report

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A status report by the NEA’s Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) on iodine behaviour published in February 2007 concluded that although the understanding of iodine behaviour in containment had advanced considerably over the past several decades, there were still some areas where further investigation was warranted. As a result, the CSNI initiated the Behaviour of Iodine Project (BIP) with AECL as the operating agent. The BIP performed work in three distinct areas:

  • adsorption of iodine on surfaces (from both the aqueous and gas phase);
  • organic iodide formation from containment paints loaded with iodine from the gas or aqueous phase;
  • provision of Radioiodine Test Facility (RTF) experimental data from experiments performed in the 1990s.

This document represents the final summary report of the BIP.