WGOE Report: Maintaining and Transferring Knowledge on Operating Experience

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Based on the regulatory actions underway or being considered in different member countries concerning their ability to maintain their corporate knowledge with respect to the ageing work force, the Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA) decided at its June 2009 meeting to assign the Working Group on Operating Experience (WGOE) with the task to explore the further steps in dealing with the issue.

In April 2010 WGOE held a one day special topical meeting on Maintaining and Transferring Knowledge from Operating Experience that revealed valuable insights on tools and practices for Knowledge Management on Operating Experiences (KMOE).

The objective of this international special topical extended meeting was to review and discuss the tools and programs (still planned or already implemented) related to the maintenance and transfer of knowledge in the area of operating experiences. Recent discussions have shown that the knowledge – especially the so called “know-why” – derived from nuclear events and other related operating experiences is diminishing.