OECD/NEA PRISME Project Application Report

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A number of OECD member countries expressed their interest in participating in an OECD/NEA joint international research project on the topic of fire propagation. The PRISME project (PRISME is the French acronym for “Fire Propagation in Elementary Multi-Room Scenarios”) was proposed by IRSN in France with their specially designed facilities in Cadarache to be used to carry out the various fire test scenarios. The three major research areas addressed by the PRISME project included: propagation of heat and smoke from the fire room to adjacent rooms, impact of heat and smoke on safety critical systems and the impact of the ventilation network on limiting heat and smoke propagation.

This final project report describes the programme of work, high level results and outcomes of the PRISME project following five years of experimental research. In addition, it provides some insights into future areas of research that could further advance the collective understanding of fire propagation scenarios important to safety analysis for NPP facilities. In all, the PRISME project has provided unique and invaluable information to its members to assist them in better understanding fire phenomena, to improve their predictive capabilities of fire simulations and ultimately to advance system design considerations to reduce overall fire risk to the plants.