Inspection of Emergency Arrangements

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This report builds on a previous WGIP report published in 1998, Inspection of Licensee Activities in Emergency Planning [NEA/CNRA/R(98)2]. The WGIP members considered that it was a timely to revisit this topic, since significant changes had occurred and required updating. The 1998 report is concerned with the inspection of emergency planning within WGIP member countries. This latest task has a modified scope to address all aspects of emergency arrangements, including preparedness and response. The accident at Fukushima occurred during early preparations for this report and the scope was modified to include some of the early lessons learnt from the accident, such as the inspection of centrally held equipment.
The objectives of the report were to report on inspection practices currently adopted by WGIP members to assist with self-assessment and to identify commendable inspection practices which would promote more effective inspection activities on emergency arrangements.