OECD FIRE Project – Topical Report No. 1: Analysis of High Energy Arcing Faults (HEAF) Fire Events

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Due to the high safety significance and importance to nuclear regulators NEA Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) initiated in 2009 an international activity on high energy arcing faults (HEAF) to investigate these phenomena in nuclear power plants in more detail and to better understand fire risk at nuclear power plants. It is believed that this is better accomplished by an international group that can pool international knowledge and research means.

The main objective of the current analysis is to examine if HEAF is a common phenomenon and how HEAF develops, in order to extend the existing knowledge of this particular fire phenomenon, and to improve electrical safety standards and to design proper preventive measures. The report presents the results of the analyses of the HEAF events in the OECD FIRE Database.