13th International Nuclear Regulatory Inspection Workshop + Appendix

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The 13th International Nuclear Regulatory Inspection Workshop was held by WGIP on regulatory inspection activities. This workshop, which is the 13th in a series, along with many other activities performed by the working group, is directed towards this goal. The consensus from participants at previous workshops noted that the value of meeting with people from other inspection organisations was one of the most important achievements. The focus of this workshop was on experience gained from regulatory inspection activities in three areas:

  • experience from the inspection activities during the transition from an operating reactor to a defueled status with a commitment to permanently cease power operations;
  • inspection of modifications;
  • the inspectors’ role in the enforcement process.

This appendix provides the complete compilation of responses received to the questionnaire issued in
conjunction with the workshop announcements. The responses are provided as received, with changes
made only to the formatting