Investigating Heat and Smoke Propagation Mechanisms in Multi-Compartment Fire Scenarios: Final Report of the PRISME Project

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Fire hazards analyses (FHA) and probabilistic fire safety analyses (Fire PSA) have demonstrated that fire may be an important contributor to core damage frequency and other major plant damage states of nuclear power plants (NPP).
This final project report describes the programme of work, high-level results and outcomes of the PRISME and PRISME 2 projects following ten years of experimental research. Further it provides some insights into future areas of research that could further advance the collective understanding of fire propagation scenarios important to the safety analysis for NPP facilities. In all, the PRISME and PRISME 2 projects have provided unique and invaluable information to its members to assist them in better understanding fire phenomena, to improve their predictive capabilities of fire simulations and ultimately to advance system design considerations to reduce overall fire risk to the plants.