Integrity of Structures, Systems and Components Under Design and Beyond Design Loads in Nuclear Power Plants: Final Report of the Project on Metallic Component Margins Under High Seismic Loads (MECOS)

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The Metallic Component Margins under High Seismic Loads (MECOS) Project is an international programme organised under an initiative of the NEA. The main objective of the MECOS Project is to quantify the margins in seismic analysis of piping components for high seismic loads associated to existing design practices through a benchmark activity, to propose more realistic analysis for high seismic loading and provide recommendations for possible complementary R&D.

This activity (CAPS) of the WGIAGE group was initially proposed by the metal subgroup of WGIAGE and approved by the CSNI in June 2012 as a Fukushima activity (F-CAPS).

The first phase of the MECOS Project included a survey of the existing seismic regulations and design analysis methods in the member countries. This survey and the answers of the member countries are detailed and analysed in Part 2.

The second phase of the MECOS Project included a review of seismic tests and a selection process for the experiments to use for the benchmarking calculations of the three candidate tests and test facilities. These three tests are described briefly in Part 3 of this report.

An overview of the objectives and results of international MECOS activities including the results of MECOS#1 and MECOS#2 benchmarks are presented in this report.