Comparison of Methodologies for the Simulation of Electrical Systems in Nuclear Power Plants: Working Group on Electrical Power Systems Activity 3 Report

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One of the major conclusions of this workshop was that simulation of electrical systems has not been adequately discussed at the international level despite the fact that it is used more and more frequently for the safety demonstration of NPPs.

The aim of this work is to undertake an identification and a comparison of good practices among member countries concerning the methodologies and tools used to simulate the behaviour of electrical systems of NPPs.

For this first study, the scope was as large as possible, encompassing all voltage levels, DC and AC current systems, all equipment of the electrical distribution including the electrical part of electrical sources, and electrical phenomena ranging from a few microseconds to steady-state operation.

A detailed 18-page questionnaire was circulated to CSNI members to ascertain the state of the art in the use of simulation of electrical systems for the safety demonstration of NPPs.

Nineteen answers were received originating from regulators, technical support organisations or licensees, representing a total of eleven countries. A first compilation of information was discussed between WGELEC members and this led to clarification and additional information. The collected information was finally analysed and synthetised to be presented in this report.