16th Information Exchange Meeting on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation (16IEMPT)

The NEA is organising the 16th Information Exchange Meeting on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation (16IEMPT).

Advanced nuclear fuel cycles to improve the safety, sustainability and economics of nuclear energy are under development internationally. Partitioning and Transmutation (P&T) is one of the candidate technologies to help reduce the heat, radiotoxicity and volume of radioactive waste. Recent developments indicate the need for embedding P&T strategies into advanced fuel cycles considering both waste management and economic issues.

In order to give experts a forum to present and discuss state-of-the-art developments in the field of advanced nuclear fuel cycles and P&T, the NEA has been organising biennial information exchange meetings on actinide and fission product partitioning and transmutation since 1990.

Key dates

2 November 2021 Start of extended abstract submission
TBD Close of extended abstract submission
TBD Start of registration
TBD Notification to authors
TBD Close of registration for all participants
TBD Start of 16IEMPT
TBD End of 16IEMPT


The meeting will cover scientific, as well as strategy/policy developments in the field of advanced fuel cycles and P&T. The meeting will be divided into different sessions including the following topics:

  1. International and national programmes: overview of national programmes in the field of advanced fuel cycles and P&T and of activities carried out in international organisations
  2. Fuel cycle strategies and scenarios: scenario analyses, including economic aspects, for advanced fuel cycles and P&T
  3. Advanced reactors and accelerator-driven systems: coolants, physics, infrastructures, design and technology, flexibility, performance and safety
  4. R&D infrastructures for advanced fuel cycles and P&T
  5. Modelling and data: codes and data for advanced reactors, verification, in support of modelling, multiphysics...
  6. Advanced fuels for multirecycling and transmutation: advanced fuel fabrication, handling and transportation, irradiation, characterisation, performance, PIE
  7. Advanced nuclear fuel recycling: aqueous and pyro separation processes for advanced reprocessing, minor actinide and fission product partitioning, including MSR systems
  8. Waste management for future nuclear fuel cycles: advanced waste forms, waste management strategies (including secondary wastes)
  9. Innovative utilisations of actinides and fission products: other uses of products or waste materials from advanced fuel cycles, isotopes for space power or medical use...

The meeting will consist of a plenary session, followed by technical sessions and a poster session covering the above-mentioned technical subjects. More details will be given in due course.

General progamme layout (tentative)

"Day 0"
Welcome reception
"Day 1"
Welcome address
Panel session: 30th anniversary
International and national programmes (invited speakers)
Q&A session
"Day 2"
Technical sessions 
"Day 3"
Technical sessions
Poster session
"Day 4"
Technical sessions
Summary session
Guidelines and registration

Extended abstracts

All participants willing to present a contribution (oral or poster) should submit an extended abstract (1-5 pages) by completing the submission form. A template with instructions can be found in the download section.

Please note that you will need to log in using your NEA account or to pre-register if you do not already have one.

All accepted extended abstracts will be made available to the participants at the meeting. The official proceedings will be published afterwards.

Extended abstracts submitted in 2020 and early 2021

To ease and harmonise the submission and review process, all authors who submitted extended abstracts in 2020 or early 2021 need to resubmit them (after update, if needed) by completing the submission form.

Copyright form

All authors are invited to fill in, sign and submit the copyright form when submitting their extended abstract.The form can be found in the download section.

Early-career scientists

Contributions from early-career scientists (under 35 years of age) are highly encouraged.The best extended abstracts will be chosen for oral presentations and the authors will be invited to co-chair some sessions.


All participants (presenters and non-presenters) planning to attend the meeting will be invited to complete the registration form. Registration will be opened later on.

Further information


No registration fees will be charged. 


More information will be given in due course.

Working language

The working language will be English.

Technical tours

More information will be given in due course.


The proceedings of the event, gathering all the extended abstracts, will be published after the meeting.


Past editions and proceedings

  • 15IEMPT - Manchester, UK - 30 September - 3 October 2018
  • 14IEMPT - San Diego, CA (US) - 17-20 October 2016
  • 13IEMPT - Seoul, Republic of Korea - 23-26 September 2014
  • 12IEMPT - Prague, Czech Republic - 24-27 September 2012
  • 11IEMPT - San Francisco, CA (US) - 1-4 November 2010
  • 10IEMPT - Mito, Japan - 2008
  • 09IEMPT - Nîmes, France - 2006
  • 08IEMPT - Las Vegas, NV (US) - 2004
  • 07IEMPT - Jeju, Republic of Korea - 2002
  • 06IEMPT - Madrid, Spain - 2000
  • 05IEMPT - Mol, Belgium - 1998
  • 04IEMPT - Mito, Japan - 1996
  • 03IEMPT - Cadarache, France - 1994
  • 02IEMPT - ANL, IL (US) - 1992
  • 01IEMPT - Mito, Japan - 1990