International Reactor Physics Handbook Database and Analysis Tool (IDAT)

The IRPhEP Database and Analysis Tool (IDAT) was first released in 2013 and is included on the IRPhE Handbook DVD. This database and corresponding user interface allows easy access to handbook information. Selected information from each configuration was entered into IDAT, such as the measurements performed, benchmark values, calculated values and materials specifications of the benchmark. In many cases this is supplemented with calculated data such as neutron balance data, spectra data, k-eff nuclear data sensitivities, and spatial reaction rate plots.

IDAT accomplishes two main objectives:

  1. Allow users to search the handbook for experimental configurations that satisfy their input criteria.
  2. Allow users to trend results and identify suitable benchmarks experiments for their application.

IDAT provides the user with access to several categories of calculated data, including:

  • 1-group neutron balance data for each configuration with individual isotope contributions in the reactor system.
  • Flux and other reaction rates spectra in a 299-group energy scheme. Plotting capabilities were implemented into IDAT allowing the user to compare the spectra of selected configurations in the original fine energy structure or on any user-defined broader energy structure.
  • Sensitivity coefficients (percent changes of k-effective due to elementary change of basic nuclear data) for the major nuclides and nuclear processes in a 238-group energy structure.

To learn more about IDAT, consult the user's manual:

IDAT user manual

Launch IDAT
Requires Java 8 or later.


External Publications:

I. Hill, N. Soppera & M. Bossant (2014) IDAT: The International Handbook of Evaluated Reactor Physics Benchmark Experiments Database and Analysis Tool, Nuclear Science and Engineering, 178:3, 280-294, DOI: 10.13182/NSE14-37


Database may contain data entry errors and omissions, the Handbook remains the primary source of reactor physics benchmark data.

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