First International Workshop on Structural Materials for Innovative Nuclear Systems (SMINS-1)

Materials research is a field of growing relevance for innovative nuclear systems, such as Generation IV reactors, critical and sub-critical transmutation systems and fusion devices. For these different systems, structural materials are selected or developed taking into account the specificities of their foreseen operational environment. However, material development projects share the common feature of requiring cross-cutting research programmes and advanced experimental and simulation facilities to characterise and evaluate the performance of the selected materials. This workshop aimed at stimulating an exchange of information on current material research programmes for different innovative nuclear systems in order to identify and develop potential synergies. The workshop, organised in co-operation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), was hosted by Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (FZK) (now Karlsruher Institut für Technologie) and attracted some 120 participants.

International Scientific Advisory Committee

Al Mazouzi, Abderrahim

SCK•CEN, Belgium

Allen, Todd

University of Wisconsin, USA

Billot, Philippe

CEA, France

Bolt, Harald

IPP, Germany

Burlet, Helene

CEA, France

Corsi, Franco

ENEA, Italy

Fazio, Concetta (Chair)

FZK, Germany

Gomez Briceño, Dolores


Heikinheimo, Liisa

VTT, Finland

Hoffelner, Wolfgang

PSI, Switzerland

Horvath, Akos

KFKI, Hungary

Inozemtsev, Victor


Kato, Chiaki

JAEA, Japan

Maloy, Stuart


Mank, Günter


Mansur, L. K.


Marsden, Barry J.

University of Manchester, UK

Massoud, Jean-Paul

EdF, France

Moeslang, Anton

FZK, Germany

Mompean, Federico


Perlado, J. M.

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain

Ryu, Woo-Seog

KAERI, Republic of Korea

Tromm, Walter

FZK, Germany

Van Goethem, Georges


Wallenius, Janne

KTH, Sweden

Yvon, Pascal

CEA, France