WPEC EGHPRM meeting, 18 May 2015 - document annexes 1-6

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  • Annex 1. Mandate 2014-2016
  • Annex 2. High priority request for the new measurements of the 237Np(n,f), by F Tovesson
  • Annex 3.Specifications for the required changes of the new categories of request, by E. Dupont
  • Annex 4. Proposals for new measurements for IRDFF community and HPRL. Example of request form, by S. Simakov and A. Plompen
  • Annex 5. SPQ proposal for "Decay Data", by T.V. Golashvili
  • Annex 6. Examples of Feedback Form for the High Priority Request List for 23Na and 56Fe, by D. Brown and A. Plompen