Operating experience

Operating experience is the collection and dissemination of knowledge gained via the operation of nuclear facilities. It often includes descriptions of actual events and near-misses and how they were identified and resolved with the objective of preventing future recurrence.

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NEA work on this topic

Since its inception, the NEA has provided a forum for the formal and informal exchange of operating experience.  This has improved nuclear safety by allowing member countries to learn from the experiences (both positive and negative) of others.  It has also allowed member countries to look for safety trends so that corrective actions can be taken when needed.     

Today, the NEA’s work on operating experience is led by the Working Group on Operating Experience (WGOE). The WGOE shares operating experience, analysing and providing expert insights from this experience in order to reach timely conclusions on trends, lessons learnt and in the short and medium term, implement effective responses. In the longer term, the WGOE promotes proposals for the re-assessment of safety, identifies areas where additional research is needed, assesses new or revised regulatory inspection practices and shares improvements in operational management of nuclear facilities.