NEST Fellows

NEST Fellows can be Master’s students, PhDs, postdoctoral researchers, young professionals, etc. belonging to one of the NEST project’s participating organisations.

They will:

  • work alongside leading experts in the field which facilitates the transfer and acquisition of knowledge and broadens their overall competencies and skills;
  • work within a network of organisations alongside other NEST Fellows who do not necessarily have the same technical background. In this way, NEST Fellows will expand their network and be part of a community of practitioners. Such networks will foster the cross-fertilisation of ideas and the development of new projects to develop new innovative nuclear technologies;
  • spend time in another organisation within a NEST project to become familiar with and acquire the required knowledge about the project and liaise with senior staff and experts involved in the project.

Each Fellow will then go back to their home institution and develop their project and continue to work under adequate mentorship. The research activity will be developed in the home organisation in tight connection with other fellows working on the same NEST project along with senior staff from the participating organisation to provide necessary guidance. This will empower the fellows who will eventually possess and develop new skills and competences.

This new setting will help catalyse new dynamics among all actors and to create an eco-system essential to foster collective learning and development from which new ideas will evolve.


The list of NEST Fellows can be found below. The short presentation of the NEST Fellows can be found here.


2019 NEST Fellows


  • Stephen King, Texas A&M, USA
  • Lea Zimmerman, ETH, Switzerland
  • Kevin Manohar, University of Calgary,  Canada
  • Carlos Vazques-Rodriguez, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), Spain
  • Dmitry Grishchenko, KTH, Sweden


  • Thomas Frederick Wright, University of Manchester, UK
  • Inmo Jang, University of Manchester, UK
  • Rodosthenis Charalampous, University of Manchester, UK
  • Stella Marie Arlette Adrienne Tournier, University of Manchester, UK
  • David Andrew Megson-Smith, University of Bristol, UK

2020 NEST Fellows


  • Michael Gorman,Texas A&M, USA
  • Denise Chavez, Texas A&M, USA
  • Brent Hollrah, Texas A&M, USA