Working Party on Information, Data and Knowledge Management (WP-IDKM)
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Management of knowledge, information and data can be a critical issue in radioactive waste disposal and decommissioning. Planning, construction and operation of a repository involves large volumes of information over an extended duration. Information, data and knowledge about repositories must be accessible and understandable by multiple generations. Archiving and preserving information, data and knowledge for a timescale across many generations is a common challenge for all countries. Since 2019, international experts of NEA member countries have collaborated to address these problems.

The NEA’s Radioactive Waste Management Committee (RWMC) established the Working Party on Information, Data and Knowledge Management (WP-IDKM) to examine the management of information, data and knowledge. Since 2019, the working party has brought together experts from 26 organisations representing 11 NEA member countries and the European Union. Subjects for the working party include safety issues, knowledge management, archiving and preservation of data and information. 

Through these activities, the WP-IDKM strives to propose standardised approaches for managing information and data of radioactive waste and repositories. The working party also tries to identify solutions to minimise the risk of losing implicit knowledge in the pioneer generation. The working party aims to ensure the adoption of good practices in RWMC member countries, towards the realisation of their final radioactive waste repositories.

The RWMC’s vision is to develop sustainable strategies for the management of all types of radioactive waste. The output of this working party will contribute to all member countries’ efforts at adapting workable solutions for the successful implementation of final repositories.

Publications and reports
Ongoing activities and related information

The RWMC created the Working Party on Information, Data and Knowledge Management (WP-IDKM) at its 52nd plenary session in April 2019. The mandate is effective from January 2020 to December 2022. Please contact the NEA to become a member of the working party.


The working party created four Expert Groups to work on the following subjects:

  • Expert Group on a Data and Information Management Strategy for the Safety Case (EGSSC)
  • Expert Group on Knowledge Management for Radioactive Waste Management Programmes and Decommissioning (EGKM)
  • Expert Group on Archiving for Radioactive Waste Management Activities (EGAR)
  • Expert Group on Awareness Preservation after Repository Closure (EGAP)


The NEA conducted the following activities before creating WP-IDKM:

  • Expert Group on Waste Inventorying and Reporting Methodology (EGIRM)
  • Radioactive Waste Repository Metadata Management (RepMet)
  • Preservation of Records, Knowledge and Memory (RK&M)


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