Expert Group on Best Available Techniques (EGBAT)

New nuclear power plants ("Generation III+") are likely to be evolutions of current designs ("Generation II"). It is therefore expected that much may be learnt about the performance of new plants by studying current ones. In this context, an NEA scoping group studied the issues around best available techniques (BAT) for the abatement of radiological discharges from new nuclear power plant designs.

The group found that whilst much discharge data is available, for various reasons it is difficult to draw useful lessons from this data. Therefore the scoping group suggested forming an expert group to analyse available data in this area. The collation and subsequent analysis of discharge data will form a first phase of work for the expert group on best available techniques (EGBAT).

The expert group's work will enter a second phase with the organisation of a workshop, provisionally scheduled for early 2009, during which key stakeholders will discuss the expert group's findings. The stakeholders concerned include designers, vendors and operators of nuclear power plants as well as public body representatives. If appropriate, the expert group's research and the workshop conclusions could form the basis of a set of guidelines on the best available techniques for the abatement of discharges from new nuclear power plants.