Expert Group on Stakeholder Involvement and Organisational Structures (EGSIOS)

The NEA has established the expert group on stakeholder involvement and organisational structures (EGSIOS) to examine the organisational structures of radiological protection institutes with respect to stakeholder involvement. The group will focus on examining how resources are deployed, the level of senior management commitment to stakeholder involvement and training needs. This will be supported by Secretariat-led work to survey existing resources on stakeholder involvement and to address the support needs required for consolidating stakeholder involvement. Based on the results from these activities, the expert group will draft proposals for a series of workshops on stakeholder involvement. The work from the scoping group will be prepared for publication and the expert group's work may be included in this report.

The NEA has been exploring the question of stakeholder involvement in radiological protection and public health for some time, notably through the organisation of three workshops in Villigen, Switzerland, in 1998, 2001 and 2003. Participants in these workshops considered how radiological protection might be better integrated in society and explored the processes and implications of stakeholder involvement in radiological protection decision making. The CRPPH reached a stage where the implications of stakeholder involvement for radiological protection authorities and expert agencies needed to be fully considered, on the one hand in the ways they are structured and organised, on the other hand in the ways they co-operate with stakeholders. To develop this theme, a scoping group analysed eight case studies from member countries and one from Belarus using an analysis framework developed by the group. One of the key findings of this exercise was that stakeholder involvement in radiological protection institutes has increased since the committee started work in this area.

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