Vienna Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage (Vienna Convention)

The Vienna Convention establishes a nuclear liability and compensation regime similar to that provided for under the Paris Convention. The Vienna Convention is open to any state.

  • Adopted: 21 May 1963
  • Opened for signature: 21 May 1963
  • Entered into force: 12 November 1977
  • Parties: 46 (see table below)

More information on the Vienna Convention, including the text and current status, is available here.

The following is a sampling of the articles related to the Vienna Convention that have been published in the Nuclear Law Bulletin and Principles and Practice of International Nuclear Law:

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Parties to the Vienna Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage
Argentina* Czechia* Mexico* Rwanda
Armenia* El Salvador** Moldova Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Belarus* Egypt Montenegro Saudi Arabia
Benin Estonia Morocco Senegal
Bolivia Ghana Niger Serbia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Hungary* Nigeria Slovak Republic*
Brazil* Jordan North Macedonia Trinidad and Tobago
Bulgaria* Kazakhstan Peru Ukraine*
Cameroon Latvia Philippines Uruguay
Chile Lebanon Poland Zimbabwe
Croatia Lithuania Romania*  
Cuba Mauritius Russia*  

* Country with at least one nuclear power plant in operation.

** Subject to an entry into force date of 22 June 2024.