Expert Group on Operational Safety (EGOS)
The Onkalo spent nuclear fuel repository (Posiva, Finland).

As more high-level waste (HLW) disposal projects move towards implementation and some low- and intermediate-level waste (L&ILW) disposal projects come into operation, achieving and demonstrating operational safety of geological disposal facilities becomes essential. The Expert Group on Operational Safety (EGOS) aims to identify, evaluate and help define international best practice in operating geological repositories for radioactive waste safely. The EGOS will:

  • share technical, regulatory, or stakeholder related experience in operational safety;
  • identify plausible hazards in a geological repository, using experience gained from the operation of mines (both uranium and non-radioactive), nuclear facilities and relevant engineering projects from outside the nuclear industry;
  • share and improve know-how on the practical assessment of hazards;
  • define best practices and technical solutions for risk prevention and mitigation;
  • enable the Integration Group for the Safety Case (IGSC) to foster in-depth exchanges with other international organisations/projects in the field of operational safety.
Publications and reports

The mode of operation is as follows:

  • one regular meeting per year;
  • one optional, additional workshop per year; 
  • yearly reporting to the annual meeting of the IGSC;
  • inter-sessional work through electronic means and ad hoc task groups.

Password-protected pages

Contact: Zhuoran Li