Shielding Integral Benchmark Archive and Database (SINBAD)

The most recent release of the radiation shielding experiments database (SINBAD) was issued in 2012. Currently the SINBAD database contains compilations for 46 reactor shielding, 31 fusion neutronics and 23 accelerator shielding experiments. This work is jointly carried out by the Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) and the NEA Data Bank. Data for 100 experiments has been collected. The major emphasis has so far been on fission reactor shielding. Facilities used for measurements have now been closed down and there was an urgent need to preserve the data. Data for fusion blanket neutronics are also considered, the rest being made up of accelerator shielding experiments. More data sets are in the process of being identified for future release. Emphasis will be on quality of the experiments and new compilations will address cases not yet sufficiently covered by the present set.

Abstracts of the data compiled in SINBAD, can be found also in:

The Database of Shielding Experiments (SINBAD) is hosted by the RSICC and is maintained as a basis for computer code, model and nuclear data  

For more detailed information, consult the indices of the experiments sorted by shielding material, facility, originating establishment and summary descriptions of the SINBAD evaluations carried out at the NEA Data Bank. Further information can be requested through the Data Bank Computer Program Services (Search for 'SINBAD' or visit the abstract search list for SINBAD).