Dosimetry benchmarks and radiation damage of materials under irradiation

The Nuclear Science Committee Task Force on Material Damage held its first meeting on 22-23 October 1998 at NEA Headquarters. There were 16 participants from eight different member countries. The subject of the meeting was the 'redefinition of basic parameters for materials under irradiation', with a goal to promote a consensus among specialists on how to predict the irradiation response of nuclear structural materials, both from the very short and longer-term perspectives. The outcome of the task force meeting was a questionnaire addressed to the participants and containing five specific questions where the answers were collected and analysed.

Participation in the benchmarks was open until 1 May 1999. Twenty solutions for VENUS-1 and fourteen results for VENUS-3 were received and analysed. In addition to the standard methodologies described in the report, more advanced methods had been applied, in particular for the VENUS-3 benchmark. An improved level of accuracy was noted for these enhanced methods when applied to pressure vessel fluence calculations. The analysis carried out showed the superiority of the three-dimensional (3-D) transport methods compared to the two-dimensional (2-D) synthesis methods.

The report of the two VENUS benchmarks is entitled: Prediction of Neutron Embrittlement in the Reactor Pressure Vessel.

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