Webinar Series: Towards Sustainable Nuclear Financing
Vogtle 3, 4 nuclear power plant, Georgia, Photo: Georgia Power.

There is a growing recognition around the world that nuclear energy has a possible role to play in decarbonizing energy systems worldwide. A number of advanced nuclear reactor technologies are under development around the world and are rapidly approaching the commercialization stage. However, like most technologies that have large physical infrastructures, these technologies confront a financing gap. It is not yet clear whether nuclear plants based on advanced nuclear technologies can be financed or how such financing arrangements would be made. Simultaneously, there has been a growing interest in the financial sector in financing sustainable infrastructure and energy projects. This interest in sustainability in the financial sector has led to the emergence of sustainable financing taxonomies and green or climate bonds. However, it is not yet clear whether these emerging mechanisms can be applied to large infrastructure projects. This first of a kind workshop will bring together experts from the nuclear energy, sustainability and financing sectors to discuss approaches for financing sustainable, large infrastructure projects with a focus on nuclear reactor construction projects.