Disruptive technologies

The newest phase of the digital revolution is transforming entire sectors of the economy. This revolution occurs at the confluence of many new technologies, and it can result in major enhancements. The optimum use of digital technologies (3D printing, the Internet of Things, advanced robotics, augmented reality), new materials (biomaterials, nanomaterials) and new processes (data-driven production, artificial intelligence, learning algorithms) may determine the future of many economic sectors.

Nuclear safety is a key area to sustain nuclear power system industries. To improve the nuclear safety in operating nuclear power plants, it is necessary to adopt innovative sensing, monitoring, self-stabilizing systems, and intelligent measures for abnormal diagnostics, accident prevention, mitigation, and environmental protection against radioactive material releasing. These new technologies could result in leaps in nuclear safety while strengthening the competitiveness of nuclear power, accelerating the nuclear innovation cycle and attracting young talent to nuclear careers.