International Fuel Performance Experiments (IFPE) content

To date about 1452 rods/samples from various sources encompassing BWR, CAGR, PHWR, PWR, and VVER reactor systems have been included in the IFPE collection, maintained jointly by the NEA and the IAEA.

Data currently available

DOE WG-MOX Fuel Irradiation Experiment Irradiated at the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) (released Jan. 2007)  2 cases  ATR 
JAEA Power Ramp Tests of MOX Fuel Rods IFA-591 (updated November 2014)  11 rods  ATR 
Halden irradiated IFA-432 (released Jan. 96)  5 rods  BWR 
Studsvik INTER-RAMP BWR Project (released Nov. 97)  20 rods  BWR 
Studsvik SUPER-RAMP BWR Sub-Programme (released Dec. 2000)  16 rods  BWR 
Studsvik DEMO-RAMP I - BWR (released Mar. 2001)  5 rods  BWR 
Studsvik DEMO-RAMP II - BWR (released Mar. 2001)  8 rods  BWR 
HRP IFA-597.3 rods 7, 8 and 9 (cladding degradation, FCT, FGR at Bu »60 MWd/kgUO2 (for FUMEX-II) (released Nov. 2002)  3 rods  BWR 
Studsvik TRANS-RAMP I - BWR (released Mar. 2003)  5 rods  BWR 
JAERI - NSRR - Behaviour of Irradiated BWR Fuel under Reactivity -Initiated-Accident Conditions, Tests FK-1, -2 and -3 (released Feb. 2005)  3 cases  BWR 
Studsvik DEFEX BWR fuel secondary defect formation as a consequence of primary defects (released April 2008)  11 rods  BWR 
Studsvik DEFEX-II DEMO BWR fuel primary defect and conditions leading to secondary failure of the cladding by hydriding (released April 2008)  2 rods  BWR 
Studsvik ROPE-I (1986-93), BWR, 4 rods, Ringhals, investigates clad creep-out (released April 2008)  3 rods  BWR 
LWR MOX Fuel Irradiation Tests - HBWR Irradiation with the Instrument Rig, IFA-514/565 (JAEA) (Updated Dec. 2011)  6 rods  BWR 
AEAT-IMC NFB 8 and 34 (released Mar. 99)  22 samples  CAGR 
IMC(UK) swelling data from ramping CAGR UO2 fuel in the Halden Reactor (updated June 2006)  13 rods  CAGR 
RISOE-III Fuel Performance Data from 3rd Risoe Fission Gas Release (released Sept. 95)  16 rods  LWR 
RISOE-II Fuel Performance Data from Transient Fission Gas Release (released Dec. 95)  15 rods  LWR 
Halden irradiated IFA-533.2 (released Nov. 97)  1 rod  LWR 
Halden irradiated IFA-562.1 (released Nov. 97)  12 rods  LWR 
Rods from the TRIBULATION programme  (updated Mar. 2002)  19 rods  LWR 
The High Burn-up Effects Programme (updated Dec. 2002)  81 rods  LWR 
HRP IFA-507 TF3 and TF5 (transient temperature during power increase) - FUMEX-II (release Oct. 2004)  6 rods  LWR 
RISOE-I Fission Gas Release from High-Burnup Water Reactor Fuel (released Mar. 2005)  11 cases  LWR 
HRP IFA-585, In-Reactor Creep Behaviour of Zircaloy-2 and Zircaloy-4 under Variable Loading Conditions (released March 2008)  2 rods  LWR 
IFE/OECD/HRP FUMEX-I cases 1-6 (released Sep. 2003)  6 rods  MANY 
Idealised cases to illustrate the functional dependence of FGR predictions (for FUMEX-II) (released Apr. 2004)  7 cases  MANY 
AECL-CANDU elements irradiated in NRU (released Feb. 2000)  36 rods  PHWR 
CNEA six power ramp irradiations with (PHWR) MOX fuels (released Oct. 2000)  5 rods  PHWR 
INR Pitesti - RO-89 and RO-51 CANDU fuel type in-reactor measurement of internal gas pressure (released Apr. 2002)  2 rods  PHWR 
CANDU IRDMR experiments FIO-118 and FIO-119 CANDU Fuel Behaviour under LOCA Conditions (released Apr. 2007)  7 rods  PHWR 
CANDU experiment FIO-131 Fuel Behaviour under LOCA Conditions (released Apr. 2007)  1 rod  PHWR 
EXP-BDL-406, performance of CANDU natural UO2 fuel (bundles AAH, GF, and XY) irradiated at low linear powers (30-40 kW/m) to burnups above 450 MWh/kgU (AECL-CR) (for FUMEX-III exercise) (released June 2009)  3 rods  PHWR 
IFPE/CANDU-FIO-130, CANDU experiment FIO-130 Fuel Behaviour under LOCA Conditions (released June 2010)  1 fuel element  PHWR 
Halden irradiated IFA-429 (released Nov. 97)  7 rods  PWR 
Halden irradiated IFA-535.5 &.6 (released Nov. 97)  4 rods  PWR 
CENG defect fuel experiments (released Feb. 2000)  8 rods  PWR 
Siemens PWR rods irradiated in GINNA (released Mar. 2000)  17 rodlets  PWR 
CEA failed PWR rods irradiated in SILOE: EDITH-MOX 01 (released June 2000)  1 rod  PWR 
Belgonucléaire GAIN programme - fabrication, irradiation and PIE of 4 ramped UO2-Gd2O3 fuel rods with Zr4 cladding, irradiated in BR3 PWR (50 GWd/tU for peak pellet) (released Mar. 2002)  4 rods  PWR 
CEA/EDF/FRAMATOME Contact 1 & 2 (updated Jan. 2003)  3 rods  PWR 
Studsvik TRANS- RAMP II - PWR (released Mar. 2003)  6 rods  PWR 
Studsvik TRANS- RAMP IV - PWR (released Mar. 2003)  7 rods  PWR 
HRP IFA-534.14 rods 18 and 19 ( EOL FGR and pressure, grains size of 22 and 8.5 micrometers and Bu » 52 MWd/kgUO2 (for FUMEX-II) (updated May 2003)  2 rods  PWR 
BR-3 High Burnup Fuel Rod Hot Cell Program (DOE/ET 34073-1, Vol. 1&2) (released Sep. 2003)  5 rods  PWR 
NRU MT-4 and MT6A LOCA simulation tests (released Dec. 2003)  33 rods  PWR 
REGATE L10.3, fission gas release and mechanical behaviour, power ramp in Siloe / Aquilon device, 47 MWd/kg (updated Apr. 2004)  1 rod  PWR 
US-PWR 16x16 LTA Extended Burnup Demonstration Program (released July 2005)  9 rods  PWR 
CEA/EDF/FRAMATOME PWR and OSIRIS ramped fuel rods (updated Jan. 2006)  4 rods  PWR 
Studsvik OVER-RAMP PWR Project (updated Mar. 2006)  39 rods  PWR 
NFIR-1 data for rods irradiated in BR3 under different operating regimes (released March 2006)  6 rods  PWR 
HATAC in Siloe reactor / Griffon device, fission gas release, Bu=40-50 MWd/kg (for FUMEX-II) (updated November 2009)  2 rods  PWR 
Belgonucléaire and SCK-CEN PRIMO Ramped MOX Fuel Rod BD8 (updated July 2009)  1 rod  PWR 
Studsvik ROPE-II PWR rod over pressure experiment (released April 2008)  6 rods  PWR 
Studsvik STEED-I Stored Energy / Enthalpy Determination (released April 2008)  2 rods  PWR 
Belgonucléaire Beznau-1 PWR irradiated MOX Fuel Rod M109/D3 (released May 2008)  1 rod  PWR 
Studsvik SUPER-RAMP PWR Sub-Programme (updated October 2011)  28 rods  PWR 
HRP-IFA-597 Hollow and solid MOX rods experiments (released October 2006)  2 rods  PWR  VVER 
WWER rods from Kola-3 (released Mar. 99)  32 rods  VVER 
The SOFIT WWER fuel Irradiation Programme (updated Dec. 2002)  12 rods  VVER 
Zaporoshye VVER1000 fuel behaviour data (cycles 4-8 , Bu ~ 50 MWd/kgUO2) (released Oct. 2004)  312 rods  VVER 
Novovoronezh-5 VVER1000 fuel behaviour data (cycles 7-9, Bu ~47MWd/kg) (updated Jan. 2007)  317 rods  VVER 
AEKI Experimental Database of E110 Claddings under Accident Conditions (released Feb. 2008)  ~200 tests  ~200 samples  VVER 
IFPE/KOLA-3-MIR-RAMP, KOLA-3 + MIR test (temperature during ramp, FGR and pressure at EOL, Bu ~ 55 MWd/kgUO2) (for FUMEX-II) (updated October 2011)  9 rods  VVER 

Archives available

Data requested

  • AGR FGR database from British Energy
  • HRP He/Ar/Xe gas flow, Nb doped fuel, IFA-504

Potential additional data to be requested for FUMEX-III

  • IFA-651 (MOX) : Three IMF rods, Two MOX-ATT rods (PSI/KAERI) and one MOX-SBR rod (BNFL). TF and PF in the BNFL rod. Irradiation of IFA-651.1 started in June 2000 and ended May 2003 (one IMF rod unloaded).
  • IFA-550 (Nb fuel): IFA-550.4 (Dec 1989 - Jan 1990) and IFA-550.5 (April - May 1990) relevant loadings for Nb-doped fuel testing