U-Zr-O system miscibility gap in the liquid state.

U-Zr-O system miscibility gap in the liquid state. Source: Guéneau et al. Journal of Nuclear Materials 254 (1998), 158-174.

The Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) is in the process of joining the NEA Thermodynamics of Advanced Fuels – International Database (TAF‑ID) Project as the third Japanese organisation participating in the project, together with the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) and the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI).

Tokyo Tech's participation in the project will significantly improve the TAF‑ID experimental programme in support of the database development. The institute proposed an in‑kind contribution to the project involving the measurement of thermodynamic data relevant to the ongoing development and validation of the TAF‑ID database. The systems addressed in this proposal, which is currently under review by the TAF‑ID Programme Review Group, are the liquid phases of Cs2O‑MoO3, BaO‑MoO3, SrO‑MoO3 pseudo‑binaries, and the CaO‑SiO2‑ZrO2 pseudo‑ternary. As the first three systems involve volatile and semi‑volatile fission products oxides, their improved understanding will provide useful information on the potential fission products release in the event of a severe accident. The fourth system is relevant to the study of the molten core‑concrete interaction in the event of a reactor pressure vessel failure.
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