Mental health
The NEA Expert Group on Non‑radiological Public Health Aspects of Radiation Emergency Planning and Response (EGNR) met remotely on 20 March 2020.
The group discussed the latest draft of the forthcoming World Health Organisation (WHO) report "Mental health and psychosocial Support (MHPSS) in radiological and nuclear emergencies". The EGNR is now preparing an operational extension of the WHO framework by developing practical solutions, approaches and tools to mitigate mental health and psychosocial impacts.
The group is also working on the planning of the workshop "Toward a better integration of Non‑Radiological Public Health Aspects of Protection Strategies during Radiation Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery", which will be co‑organised with the WHO and the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) in Germany in October 2020. The workshop will include a topical session dedicated to a comparative analysis of the Covid‑19 emergency and radiation emergencies, with a special focus on mental health and psychosocial impacts.
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