NEA No. 7499

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Chemical Thermodynamics of Iron – Part 2, Volume 13b 

The NEA Chemical Thermodynamics Series comprises review reports dealing with data selection for particular elements and state-of-the-art reports focusing on the application of chemical thermodynamics to particular systems of interest to the radioactive waste management community.

Volume 13b of this series is the second part of a critical review of the thermodynamic properties of iron, its solid compounds and aqueous complexes. Part 1, Volume 13a, contained assessments of data for the metal, simple ions, aqueous hydroxido, chlorido, sulfido, sulfato and carbonato complexes, and for solid oxides and hydroxides, halides, sulfates, carbonates and simple silicates – data judged to be of key interest for radioactive waste management calculations.

This second part of the review provides assessments of data for sulfide solids, and solid and solution species with nitrate, phosphate and arsenate; some aqueous species not considered in Part 1; and some aspects of solid solution formation in iron‑oxide and iron‑sulfide systems. Download the report at

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