JANIS TRANS Checker is a command line tool for EXFOR compilers which takes an EXFOR PRELIM or TRANS file and produces a log of potential errors and warnings.

To check an EXFOR PRELIM or TRANS file directly with JANIS software, see the help page  Checking data files.

An online version is also available here : www.oecd-nea.org/janisweb/trans-checker


Version of July 25th, 2023, dictionaries are 9128 transmission (dicts-2023-06-30)


Unzip the content of janis-trans-checker.zip
The command to launch it is :

java -jar janis-trans-checker.jar

where you may have to indicate the full path of your java installation.

With -h argument or without any argument the syntax of this tool will be printed:

version 4.1 - build 652 - 2023-07-25

Usage: [-dicts ] [-xsl ] [-ec] [-v] [-h]  
  -dicts DICTS : dictionaries, can be 1) path to a 'dicts-200X-XX-XX' folder
                                      2) path to a 'dicts-200X-XX-XX.zip' ZIP file
  -xsl XSL : the name of the XSL stylesheet to transform the resulting XML log, can be
            1) 'importlog_seq.xsl' import log lists errors/warnings sequentially (default)
            2) 'importlog.xsl' import log displays errors/warnings statistics
  -ec : process exit code will be 1 when at least one warning or error is found
  -v : verbose output (to standard error)
  -h : display this help and exit
  IN : can be 1) the path of the EXFOR TRANS file to check,
           or 2) '-' for reading EXFOR TRANS from standard input
  OUT : can be 1) the path of the output XML log file to create, the '.xml' extension will be appended
            or 2) the path of a folder where the XML log file will be created (the filename will be generated)
            or 3) '-' for writing XML log to standard output

Exit codes:
  0 : success
  1 : success, with warning(s) or error(s) found (when '-ec' option is used)
  -1 : illegal command line argument(s)
  -2 : cannot open input file
  -4 : illegal XSL filename

For example to check a PRELIM file named prelim.2209 and output the result to a file named check.2209.xml the command to use is:

java -jar janis-trans-checker.jar prelim.2209 check.2209

This will create a file check.2209.xml and a file importlog.xsl in the current folder. The file check.2209.xml contains errors and/or warnings in XML format, it is displayable by any recent browser. The file importlog.xsl will be used by your browser to display the XML log.

If you want to use JANIS Trans Checker in a batch system then you can use standard input and output. For example :

cat prelim.2209 | java -jar janis-trans-checker.jar - - > check.2209.xml

The first '-' argument instructs JANIS Trans checker to read the EXFOR prelim file from standard input, from cat prelim.2209 in this case. And the second '-' argument instructs it to output the XML log to standard output, redirected to a file check.2209.xml in this case.

Note that:

  • the -dict option is not mandatory. Without specifying it the JANIS internal dictionaries will be used.
  • this option may not work with dictionaries more recent than the one of the release : updates to some dictionaries may require some changes in JANIS source code, especially Dic 24 Data Headings and Dic 25 Data Units


Contact: janisinfo@oecd-nea.org

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