NEA Expert Group on Recovery Management (EGRM) meeting, 1‑2 October 2019.

NEA Expert Group on Recovery Management (EGRM) meeting, 1‑2 October 2019.

The NEA Expert Group on Recovery Management (EGRM) held its second meeting on 1‑2 October 2019 in Bristol, United Kingdom.

The group aims to assist NEA member countries in planning and improving their preparedness for recovery by providing guidance on developing post‑accident recovery management frameworks adapted to national conditions. The overall framework that will be developed by the group will help member countries improve their readiness for recovery by adopting ad hoc recovery strategies, both on technical issues (e.g., waste management, monitoring and dose assessment, food and drinking water management, trade issues) and on cross‑cutting issues (e.g., co‑expertise process, welfare issues).

The meeting included a session on radioactive waste management, during which the participating experts highlighted the areas that needed more practical guidance, for example in terms of defining the location of interim or final waste disposal sites, and deriving criteria for the characterisation and classification of radioactive waste. The EGRM will organise a workshop on 18‑19 February 2020 in Japan to explore the Japanese experience in recovery management.

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