Dose prognosis during radiation emergencies


The NEA Expert Group on Comparison and Understanding of Dose Prognosis (EGDP) held its first meeting on 14 October 2020 via video conference.

The EGDP aims to facilitate collaboration among member countries in improving cross‑border co‑ordination through a common understanding of the outputs of dose projection codes, which influence the decisions on protective actions. The group's working methodology is based on an exercise, in which member countries will use the same source term for a given accident site, run their own dose prognosis code, and compare their results.

During its first meeting, the expert group members started developing a file format to be used by member countries for sharing information on their dose prognosis approach in the upcoming emergency exercise. The members also discussed the structure and content of their draft report on the exercise specifications.

The EGDP is considering an extension for its current mandate due to planning delays caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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