Secretariat - NEA Global Forum on Nuclear Education, Science, Technology and Policy

The Global Forum Secretariat supports the NEA Global Forum by providing support to the Council of Advisors and making products available to the Agency’s bodies and projects as appropriate. The Secretariat also encourages discussion and engagement both within the Council of Advisors as well as working groups.

The Global Forum Secretariat supports the NEA Global Forum as well as the NEST Framework in an effort to better co-ordinate these two initiatives and streamline the NEA activities in nuclear education. 

The NEA staff comprising the NEA Global Forum Secretariat and the NEST Secretariat are:


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Dr Antonella di Trapani

Antonella di Trapani is leading the nuclear education activities at the NEA. Before joining the OECD NEA in July 2018, she was Team Leader for Science Policy Advice within the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism. Prior to that, she has held several positions as Programme Manager and Head of International Cooperation, at the G20 Wheat Initiative, European Commission European Research Council and European Science Foundation, managing large scale collaborative projects, capacity building networks and the largest grants in Europe. In addition,  she also worked for the private sector as  Research Scientist in Johnson Matthey Technology Centre. 
She was awarded two EC Marie Curie Fellowships to carry out her PhD and PostDoc, and she was Chair of the Marie Curie Fellows Association, the largest Fellows’ network in Europe. She also founded and chaired the Women in Science Working Group. She is also co-founder and former Vice-Chair of the Gender in Science for Mobile Scientists of the Marie Curie Alumni Association.

She is an Italian national and holds a MSc in Chemistry from the University of Palermo (Italy) during which she was awarded an  Erasmus Fellowship at University College London (UK), a PhD in Chemistry and a PostGraduate Diploma in Quality Improvement from Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), a MSc in Science Communication and Journalism from University of Ferrara (Italy), and a PostGraduate Diploma in International Development from London School of Economics and Social Sciences (UK).

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Ms Zoe Dahse

In October 2022 Zoe Dahse joined the Division of Nuclear Science and Education as a Junior Analyst for Nuclear Education, Training, Outreach and Knowledge Management to assist in the implementation of the NEA education initiatives and co-ordinate the work of the NEA Global Forum's Working Group 2. 

Zoe holds a Bachelor's degree in international relations and political science from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh - United States. Her research focused on international sustainable development policy.

Prior to joining the NEA, Zoe worked as an intern at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria, in the Department of Technical Co-operation, Division for Asia and the Pacific, where she assisted in the implementation of projects at the regional and national levels, and partnership development.


Ms Elisa de Siati

Elisa De Siati joined the NEA in April 2023 as an intern at the Division of Nuclear Science and Education to support the NEA education activities.

Prior to joining the NEA, she has focused on energy security through her Master's programme, writing on nuclear energy-climate change nexus in the EU, philosophical debunking of the atomic concept, and EU’s legal framework for food protection in the aftermath of nuclear power plant accident. Simultaneously, she has collaborated in various projects in Germany, Kosovo, Belgium and Italy. 

Elisa is an Italian national holding a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of Trento, Italy and is currently pursuing a Joint Master’s degree in International Security Studies at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and the School of International Studies at the University of Trento, and is expected to graduate in March 2024. Her research thesis focuses on “Science Diplomacy for the Future of Energy: a policy analysis of security and political implications of nuclear energy and Space-Based-Solar-Power at the EU level.”


Florence Maher GF Secretariat  

Mrs Florence Maher

Florence is a Junior Social Scientist at the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, where she works to advance international co-operation on the human aspects of nuclear safety and improve gender balance in nuclear energy. 

Prior to her current position, she was a 2018-2020 Rotary Peace Fellow at the International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan, researching multi-stakeholder dialogue on policy processes. From 2011-2018 she was a career foreign service officer with the US Department of State, with assignments in Mexico, Italy, Honduras, and Washington, DC.  She holds a Master’s degree in public policy and social research from the International Christian University and Bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Howard University in Washington, DC.

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Mrs Ludivine Gilli

Ludivine Gilli joined the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency in April 2022. She works to advance international co-operation on the human aspects of nuclear safety. Her work focuses on improving stakeholder engagement in nuclear issues and on reaching a better understanding of the dynamics between civil society and nuclear professionals.

Before joining the NEA, she was Deputy head of the Division for strategic programmes, partnerships, foresight and innovation at IRSN (Institut de radioprotection et de sûreté nucléaire), the French public expert body on nuclear and radiological risk. Prior to that, she was a foreign relations officer at ASN, the French nuclear safety authority, in charge of bilateral relations with ASN counterparts and of multilateral relations with IAEA and EU bodies. Before, she worked as a stakeholder engagement and policy specialist at IRSN and also spent a few years in the United States and Canada for research purposes.

She is a French national. She holds a PhD in American history from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, is a graduate from Sciences Po Paris with an MA in Public Administration, and holds an MA in international relations from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.


Ms Seoyeong Jeong

Seoyeong joined the NEA in March 2022 and her work focuses on providing technical secretariat services to Generation IV International Forum (GIF). 

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science and diplomacy from the SKKU and a Master’s degree in economics from Korea University.  

Prior to joining the NEA, Seoyeong worked as a Director of Global Co-operation Department at Korea Nuclear International Co-operation Foundation, where she worked to advance international co-operation in the field of nuclear energy through bilateral and multilateral undertakings



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