Preparations for the sixth International Nuclear Emergency Exercise (INEX-6) underway

INEX-6 Preparatory Task Force meeting, 28 June 2021

The NEA's International Nuclear Emergency Exercise (INEX) series has proven successful in testing, investigating and improving national and international response arrangements for nuclear accidents and radiological emergencies. Building on the outcomes of previous INEX exercises, INEX-6 will focus on the planning and preparedness for the transition and/or the recovery phases after a nuclear or radiological accident.

Continuing the dialogues held in March, the INEX-6 Preparatory Task Force met on 28 June 2021 to continue exchanges on objectives, methodologies and timelines for the exercise. The task force defined various general potential objectives for the exercise, including the clarification of recovery objectives, the identification of gaps in preparedness for recovery and recovery plans and guidance.

The task force also identified a number of country-specific goals adapted to the national needs of different members. These include, among others, testing co-ordination arrangements at local, regional and national levels, testing communication mechanisms with key stakeholders, and considering socio-economic consequences and compensation issues.

As the task force continues discussions on the goals of the exercise, it is  working closely with relevant NEA bodies, including the Committee on Radiological Protection and Public Health (CRPPH), the Expert group on Recovery Management (EGRM), the Expert Group on Comparison and Understanding of Dose Prognosis (EGDP), and the Expert Group on Non-Radiological Public Health Aspects of Radiation Emergency Planning and Response (EGNR).

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