FISPACT-II training course

Train with the NEA Data Bank 16x9

The NEA Data Bank organised its second online training session on FISPACT-II from 18 to 28 October 2021. Facilitated by the code developers at the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, the course attracted 25 participants from 9 countries.

FISPACT-II is an enhanced multi-physics platform that has applications in magnetic and inertial confinement fusion, advanced fission reactors, advanced energy and fuel systems, high energy and accelerator physics, medical applications, isotope production, earth exploration, homeland security and materials science. It provides a wide variety of advanced simulation methods, as well as enhanced nuclear data forms for neutron, proton, alpha, deuteron or gamma particles interactions.

The course provided step-by-step demonstrations of FISPACT-II usage with case studies and sample tutorials. For the first time, the code developers also introduced the recently-developed FISPACT-II API (currently in beta release with version 5), which provides advanced interface options.

The NEA Data Bank Computer Program Services (CPS) organises several training sessions every year to contribute to the dissemination of state-of-the-art codes and engage the nuclear community. In 2020, CPS switched from in-person teaching to online courses and this new format has supported the NEA mission to bring together code users from all over the world and facilitate exchanges on the use of computer codes and has made the participation of many users possible.

FISPACT-II, 18 to 28 October 2021

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