Discussing legal aspects of nuclear safety

2022 WPLANS Group Photo

The NEA promotes the development, strengthening and harmonisation of member countries’ legal frameworks for the licensing and regulation of the safe and peaceful use of nuclear energy. In this context, the NEA Working Party on the Legal Aspects of Nuclear Safety (WPLANS) was established in 2016 to facilitate information exchange on legal and administrative systems for the licensing and regulation of nuclear installations and other uses of nuclear material.

The WPLANS met in person and online on 27-28 June 2022 with 42 participants from 19 NEA member countries, 2 non-NEA member countries, the European Commission and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The first day of the meeting featured discussions on national developments related to the legal aspects of nuclear safety, legal issues related to long-term operation of nuclear power plants and legal challenges to licensing decisions, with updates from Belgium, Canada, Japan, Sweden and the United States. In addition, a session on the licensing and regulation of small modular and advanced reactors took place, with presentations by representatives of Czech Republic, Finland, Korea and the United Kingdom. The day ended with the European Commission’s update on matters of special interest to WPLANS.

2022 WPLANS Group Photo - Room WPLANS meeting on 27-28 June 2022

The second day of the meeting focused on updates related to the survey and draft report on legal challenges related to nuclear safety, with presentations by the NEA and group discussions on future actions. A topical session on climate change litigation took place, with presentations by representatives from Australia and Canada. Participants from the IAEA, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates provided updates on matters of special interest to the WPLANS.

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