Ageing management considerations in mechanical codes and standards

The NEA in collaboration with the Japanese Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA) will host an international workshop on 28-29 June 2023 on the topic of Ageing management considerations in mechanical codes and standards.


The objectives of the workshop are to provide better understanding of the global framework and to initiate discussion between stakeholders to enable a better consideration of ageing phenomena in codes and standards. The workshop will bring together regulators and stakeholders, including industry representatives, and other international organisations to share information and discuss the challenges related to ageing phenomena in mechanical codes and standards, for both existing fleet but also for new builds and small modular reactors (SMRs).

Scope and sessions

High-level national and international experts from a wide range of stakeholders will share their experiences and views during the four sessions of the workshop:

  1. National regulatory requirements related to ageing phenomena on reactor coolant pressure boundary;
  2. Code requirements on RCPB to address/prevent ageing;
  3. Operation experiences related to ageing phenomena on RCPB;
  4. Challenges of ageing phenomena in C&S applied to SMRs/AMRs

More details will be announced soon.