The management of knowledge, information and data is a critical issue in radioactive waste disposal and decommissioning as the planning, construction and operation of a repository involves large volumes of information over an extended duration.

Experts from the Nuclear Energy Agency’s Working Party on Information, Data and Knowledge Management (WP-IDKM) recently came together to discuss the potential future role of artificial intelligence (AI) in helping to preserve information and data on radioactive waste and repositories for future generations.

The WP-IDKM was formed to help identify standardised approaches and solutions for managing information and data of radioactive waste and repositories. The group, made up of experts from 26 organisations representing 11 NEA member countries and the European Union, discussed this topic of AI and data preservation during their third plenary meeting on 7-8 February 2023.

Professor Roberto Basili, Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Roma, delivered a special keynote presentation on AI and advanced technology applications and knowledge management. This provided context for the ensuing discussion on the potential role of new technology applications to support information, data and knowledge management in radioactive waste management domain.

In addition, the working group reviewed activity progress and programmes of work for its new mandate which has been extended until 2025.

For more information on the NEA’s work on radioactive waste management, visit here.

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