Nuclear Science Committee Programme Review Group (NSC PRG)

Established to help fulfil the objectives of the Agency and the Nuclear Science Committee (NSC), the NSC Programme Review Group (PRG) formulates recommendations based on best practices to optimise activities at both the proposal and dissemination stage. The PRG also recommends standard practices to optimise information exchange between NSC bodies and interfaces with other NEA bodies.

The main functions of the Programme Review Group are the following:

  • Evaluate the overall scope of NSC activities and identify gaps with respect to emerging issues and work that is no longer of priority interest.
  • Evaluate the accomplishments, against defined objectives, of the working parties/expert groups/task forces and propose adjustments to the NSC, if necessary.
  • Evaluate new activity proposals from the NSC working parties and expert groups. Suggest amendments to proposals to address identified gaps. Assess resource and time requirements and issue recommendations to the NSC. In doing so, check consistency with the NEA Strategic Plan and assist with transposing these new proposals into the programme of work of the NEA in compliance with NSC priorities.
  • Identify and recommend proposals that may be suited towards joint projects or other separately funded activities.
  • Provide feedback on the proposed deliverable outputs, to align the work with other NSC activities, activities in the NEA Management Board for the Development, Application and Validation of Nuclear Data and Codes (MBDAV) and NEA Standing Technical Committees, including the Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI), the Radioactive Waste Management Committee (RWMC), and the Committee for Technical and Economic Studies on Nuclear Energy Development and the Fuel Cycle (NDC).
  • Identify links between working party outputs that can be combined into overarching topical packages, and propose reports on topical areas to the NSC.
  • Review and provide comments on executive summaries to ensure consistency.
  • Identify and recommend NSC output that would be suitable for public events such as webinars, interviews, etc. and assist with the identification of suitable experts.
  • Identify overlap with activities carried out by other international organisations and recommend actions to ensure complementarity and maximise the added value of NSC outputs.
  • Recommend topics for in-depth discussions at the NSC meeting.
  • Advise the NSC on standardised reporting methods for activities.
  • Provide in-depth reviews in areas/topics discussed during the NSC meeting, as requested under the leadership of the NSC Chair.

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