Expert Group on a Holistic Process for Decision Making on Decommissioning and Management of Complex Sites (HDCS)
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To provide an integral process for a progression from recognition to resolution of complex sites, the Committee on Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations and Legacy Management (CDLM) will establish the Expert Group on a Holistic Process for Decision Making on Decommissioning and Management of Complex Sites (HDCS).

The objectives of this expert group will be: 

  • To provide advice on the preparation of a reliable, effective and efficient process that identifies, assesses, controls and manages risk(s) associated with decommissioning and legacy management of complex sites; and
  • To develop guidelines and identify key decisions required to implement such a process.

To this effect, the HDCS will:

  1. Collect and analyse feedback about the management of complex sites under decommissioning and remediation to identify how priorities are defined and addressed in the framework of the site strategy ensuring consistency with national strategies;
  2. Capture the feedback and recommendations provided by existing materials, including the former NEA Expert Group on Legacy Management (EGLM), related workshops, networks and publications;
  3. Learn from additional test cases on how processes could be improved;
  4. Document the challenges and procedures to be considered and implemented to solve complex site situations, based on a holistic process for decision making.

The outcome of the HDCS work during the current mandate will aim to:

  • Identify the key constraints affecting the control of risks for decommissioning and legacy situations;
  • Develop recommendations on the type of information or approach required to support risk-informed decision making processes;
  • Describe the overarching holistic process as a framework for moving from recognition of a complex situation at a site to resolving all issues.

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